A Legacy of Craftsmanship

A Letter From The Craftsman

Welcome to Willer Custom Instruments. I’m Chuck Willer, the builder of Willer guitars and mandolins.

Each instrument is built upon the legacy of craftsmanship learned from my brother, father and grandfather and shares the same attention to detail that they employed in building custom cabinets and homes.

I was infected with the love of wood, working side by side with those family members. There was immense satisfaction in learning to read the grain of a beautiful slab of walnut, painstakingly sanding raised oak paneling for a beautiful library, or buffing out the last coats of varnish on a customer’s new dining room table around which they would gather their family for years.

The guitar shown above is quilted mahogany with Ebony binding build as a part of the Sonic Sitka Project. I have also built a Mandocello on this same body style using a match set of Sonic Sitka.


Chuck Willer