A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Play upright bass and guitar for over 40 years. Owned a guitar shop for a number of years where I did repairs and restorations, specializing in upright basses and vintage guitars. This is where I met Chuck and we’ve spent many hours talking about stringed instruments and his passion for building them. I am proud to say that I have just become the proud owner of a Willer Grand Concert – It is a wonderful instrument – the clarity and breadth of tone, the ease of play and the impeccable minimalist finish are, IMHO, some of the reasons that this is such a well-balanced instrument. Having seen much of his work, I can clearly state that if you’re looking for a SUPERB musical instrument, with or without the embellishments, Chuck deserves a hard look.

- Sean Freeman

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I have had the privilege of playing several different Willer guitars and mandolins over the course of the past year. The fit and finish are excellent- which for this class of instrument is expected. What is unexpected is Chuck’s ability to take a piece of wood and see a vision of what it is to become- form married to function with thought and engineering…

I have led worship, jammed, and plunked around with them- they respond to what I want to do with them. I think custom instrument should be just like that- crafted to respond to the way you want it to play and be pleasing to the eye. These instruments will last for generations.

- David B.


Over the years I’ve witnessed first-hand the amazing carpentry and woodworking skills of Chuck and his father. When Chuck began creating these amazing instruments the raw talent mingled with passionate pursuit created a foundry for the works of art you see today. These instruments not only capture the beauty and elegance of the luthier but they also produce the rich and luxurious tones capable of satisfying the most critical of ears. I’ve owned mine now for two years and it turns heads whenever it is unleashed. I have extremely satisfied with my instrument and have no reservations in giving Willer Custom my full recommendation. Invest in quality. You will be glad you did.

- Joseph E. Robinson III

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