Willer Custom Instruments

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

About the Builder

Chuck Willer builds hand crafted acoustic guitars and members of the mandolin family. Each instrument is built on a legacy of craftsmanship, using woodworking skills passed faithfully from father to son for generations. Chuck combines this heritage with twenty years of mechanical engineering design experience. His understanding of precision tooling and manufacturing processes is a key to achieving high quality and rich, responsive tone.

Willer instruments are known for classic elegance and playability. Their owners play a range of music, including bluegrass, jazz, finger style and Christian praise and worship genres.

One owner remarks:

“The clarity and breadth of tone, the ease of play and the impeccable minimalist finish are some of the reasons this is such a  well-balanced guitar. Having seen much of his work, I can clearly state that if you’re looking for a superb musical instrument, with or without the embellishments, Chuck deserves a hard look.”

Chuck will expertly craft a custom guitar or mandolin for your preferences and playing style.


My father drops by the shop occasionally to check on progress (and, more importantly, visit his grandchildren).

Sometimes, I think he enjoys seeing recent refinements to tooling almost more than the instruments.

The love of creating things led to my pursuit of a mechanical engineering degree in the 1980′s. Years of design experience have strengthened my understanding of precision tooling, manufacturing processes and tolerance control. These skills are paramount to creating instruments of rich tone and consistently high quality

that will be a pleasure to admire and play for years to come.

Visit the Gallery and review the recent members of the Willer Custom Instrument Family.